Rethinking my landscape practice

A sequence of images on liminal and peripheral spaces.

Currently on Christmas break from my postgraduate course. My first term has been busy with workshops and establishing a project to which I have essentially replaced this blog with a physical journal.

I started the course expecting to use the usual simple toy cameras, homemade cameras, DIY film development, black and white film, maybe digital work -the processes and photographic mechanisms which have shaped my photographic style. The reason being that it was hard to argue the outcomes of these processes as unsentimental in regards to a project that aims to challenge cultural conceptions of land.  

I have taken the opportunity to examine other methods, rationalising the adoption of a straight approach toward capturing the banality of the Nottinghamshire landscape. Next year my approach may change if the subject and message require it, but it doesn't worry me I am enjoying the ride.

Below are three colour prints from a recent darkroom workshop. Even though I lack the skill of determining precise colour, the experience of printing RA4 colour has been special given the rarity of it now.