Polaroid 320 + FP-100C

Since starting home developing, which has so far been traditional black and white, I have had an interest in instant film; the appeal being instant colour analogue shots to space out the monochrome work. After debating impossible project and instax, I went for FP-100c peel apart film. I found a Polaroid automatic 320 land camera, bellows and all on ebay for £10.

This camera takes an obsolete 3v battery that are expensive and hard to come by so I had to modify the battery compartment by wiring a 2xAAA holder, making it fit inside by snapping a few plastic bits off. The compartment just closes.

I also had to modify the back of the door, taking the metal pins out that were once needed to tension the old polaroid metal film cartridges. Fuji FP-100C has plastic cartridges and even with the pins bent back I jammed the film, taking them out with pillars fixed the issue.

The lens seems to be plastic with a swirly bokeh like that of the lubitel. Not the sharpest in the world, but that’s just character.

paddy and his nose stained window

FP-100C doesn’t just produce a contrasty full colour photo, it also leaves behind a negative that once bleached of the black coating can be scanned like a large format negative. Sloppy bleaching also gives colour shifts and bleeding edges that I really like.